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Carry On Essentials- FREE printout ♥

Hey everyone, aren’t you lucky another summer post because let’s make summer last as long as possible! Well the last week of August I’m going to Spain which obvisouly means I will be going on a plane resulting in needing a carry on. I wanted to give my loyal readers and thank you for always reading my blog! So next time you go travelling don’t stress about forgetting something and having an unpleasant trip, download my “carry on checklist” and it’s free. Check it out down below!

Carry On Checklist

Anyway these are my essentials for a smooth trip and will always be in my carry on!

My Essentials

Tech– Phone, Ipad or laptop for listening to music, watching movies or playing games. Make sure you have your headphones or earphones to have a silent jam out! Chargers are essential.

Comfy Stuff– A large scarf is perfect as it is an extra accessory to not put in your suitcase and you know that super over powering air conditioning well you can use your scarf as a blanket which I love to do. If you have an early morning flight or evening an eye mask is perfect for ignoring people and having some shut eye. Fluffy socks, kick off the shoes, comfy socks on and time to get comfy! Ear buds, you can’t stop crying babies and if you want any sleep these are a must.

BeautyHand gel or wipes are a must as you never know how hygienic the plane is and I’m no germ freak but you don’t want to be ill on your holiday. Hand cream, aeroplane air is so drying so make sure to moisturise your hands with some hand cream. Moisturiser, again a pick me up and then you can leave the plane with glowy skin. Perfume not a must but is nice. Tooth brush and paste,if you have a evening flight you don’t want morning breath. Deodorant so you don’t stink, definitely a must. Lip balm, no chapped lips and nice to keep them smooth. Touch up makeup, a personal choice, I don’t wear makeup to the airport but if you feel like touching up its good to have the essentials like concealer, powder, mascara, lip gloss.

Snacks– Well I’m a foodie so I NEED snacks. Pretzels and sweets are my go too. Empty water bottle, as you know you can’t take water through security, so bring an empty bottle and when you get through fill it up and then you save so much money instead of buying from Duty free which is soo over priced and you can save your pennies for the holiday. Gum, chew as the plane goes up and it helps your ears from popping, also is nice to freshen up.

Essentials– The boring section that my parents take care of but you NEED. Passport and travel documents or your not getting anywhere. Basically make sure you have it.

Reading material– Start a good book if that’s paper form or kindle. Let me know your summer reads, I would love some suggestion ♥ Magazines to flick through on the plane something I always like and use.

ExtrasPens and pencils, always useful if you have to fill in forms and just nice to have.Notebooks useful for doodling or writing especially good for bloggers/youtubers for ideas and planning.Planner, get some planning done to pass the time. Camera, so you can picture your holidays.

Other- Have I forgotten anything? What are your essentials, please let me know down below. I hope you like your freebie and it helps you not forget anything. Give this post a like and click follow for more. Thanks for reading.


Bye for now

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Vintage Haxs xx


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