Woof woof- Pure Dog Food

Hey everyone, today’s post is a review for Pure Dog Food. I’m lucky enough to work with amazing brands that I truly love and want to promote. I was sent their, Turkey Terrific dog food which is perfect for super sensitive dogs. My dog Sherlock has sensitive skin and a sensitive belly.  Now this food is different from normal dog food as it is dehydrated and all you have to do is add warm water to re-hydrate the food. So why is Pure dog food different but so good.

So the difference is that they dehydrate the food the food. This is a longer process they believe it’s time well spent and the only option to do our ingredients justice. So dehydration removes the the moisture but locks in the nutrients and goodness whilst preserving them. This is how it is done- So there dehydrated meats are lightly heated at 90c. This is enough to remove harmful pathogens whilst preserving the nutrients. There carefully dehydrated to remove moisture but leaving them with 300% more protein than fresh meat.

The re hydration happens at home, it’s simple all you do is add x amount of warm water which leaves the food smelling and tasting just like a home cooked meal and it really does.

So after learning about Pure and dehydration through dog food, I couldn’t wait for my parcel to come. Sherlock was very excited when I told him the package was for him. The packaging was super cute and it told you all the needed information. It comes in a box and inside is the bag. There are 4 different sizes that you can see in this image. What is so good about it is the packaging is tiny but contains so much food.

The food itself starts of like a powdery texture like you can see here and then after you re-hydrate it turns into something like this.

Sherlock very much enjoyed eating this and it was devoured in seconds. Even though you have to wait for the re-hydration and it’s a bit more effort than just usual the benefits are great. Sherlock fur has been softer and smoother and this food also helps with weight loss. Pure Pet food has lots of different options for your specific dog and you will definitely find something for your dog. On their website which will be linked below they have success stories which are lovely to read.

A 500g box retails for £12.99 which is equivalent to 2kg of dog food. Pure pet food is slightly more expensive than other retailers but is definitely worth investing if your struggling with certain areas such as sensitivity.


Pure Pet food has also kindly given you guys a discount code of 40% off which is so generous. All you have to do is follow the link.

I would like to thank Pure Pet Food for sending me a trial box, I have thoroughly enjoyed reviewing and learning about Pure and Sherlock has enjoyed eating as well. If you have any questions please let me know in the comments and definitely check out Pure. Thanks for reading.

Bye for now

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