Behind the Scenes

20 facts about Me

Hey everyone, so I’m going to be trying to upload 2 post a week as I love blogging and I want to upload new content for you guys. So I will be uploading Wednesday and Sunday. So this is my first Wednesday post and it’s going to be a start of another series! This series is going to be called, “behind the scenes”. In this mini series you will learn more about me and I’m starting this blog of with a cliche post, “20 facts about me”. Now your guys mission for this post is to let me know, 3 facts about yourself. What makes you, YOU? What makes you unique? What are your talents, hobbies etc? So I hope you enjoy mini series and learn more about the girl behind the screen.

  1. Well I’m 14
  2. I live in the UK
  3. I’m going into year 10 this September
  4. I’m small
  5. I play piano and cornet
  6. I love shopping
  7. Definitely a bargain hunter
  8. Bag obsessed
  9. My favourite shops- Primark, H&M, New Look
  10. I have a dog, golden retriever called Sherlock and a cat, tabby, Boots
  11. I’m very positive ☺
  12. I love Pinterest
  13. I’m loud and very chatty
  14. I love makeup
  15. I’m so organised
  16. I love planning everything
  17. I’ve watched PLL, Gossip Girl, 90210 on Netflix
  18. I love my blog and everything about it.
  19. I want to travel the world
  20. I love reading



So this is 20 facts about me. I hope you’ve learnt something new about me. Remember to tell me 3 facts about yourself. Don’t forget to click follow to not miss the next post in the “behind the scenes” series. Thanks for reading.

Bye for now

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Vintage Haxs xx


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