Haxs on Holiday

Summer Food & Drink Ideas

Hey everyone, another post in my summer series, “Haxs on Holiday”. I hope you guys are enjoying it, let me know in the comments. Today’s post is a Summer food and drink ideas. All my ideas will be off Pinterest. I LOOOVVEEE pinterest, if you love positivity and inspiration as much as I do go follow me on Pinterest. If your stuck for ideas for a BBQ or garden party this post should help you out. Enjoy your read ♥

Rainbow Ice Cubes- So these are obvious super simple but would literally take your drink to the next level. These would also be great for detox waters I feel would work so well.



Chicken Satay Skewers– These look perfect for a BBQ, will definitely be trying these this summer.



Cheese and Pesto Whirls– Well I’ve actually had these and they are delicious. When you start eating them you literally can’t stop. Sooo good, try them.



Sticky Hoisin sausages-Well I love them, they would be a perfect starter/snacky food for a party or BBQ and nothing beats snacking on sticky sausages.



Baked Garlic Parmesan Potato Wedges– These look yummy, if your a wedges fan then these would be up your isle!



Rainbow Fruit Popsicle’s– I had to put a sweet in here! These look perfect, so bright and colourful. They will keep you cool and one of your five a day!




Strawberry, Brownie Skewer’s– Another sweet for you guys and one for the chocolate lovers, like me! These look so good and I can’t wait to try them.


Strawberry Brownie Skewers


Sparkly Raspberry Lemonade- Nothing is better than a refreshing lemonade on a hot summer day.




So these are some summer food and drinks ideas. What ones will you be trying let me know in the comments. If you love food as much as I do, give this post a like and click follow for more “Haxs on Holiday” and beauty, fashion and lifestyle post. Thanks for reading.

PINTEREST ♥- https://www.pinterest.co.uk/ehacker1430/pins/


Bye for now

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Vintage Haxs xx


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