Haxs on Holiday

Summer Happiness- Why I love summer

Hey everyone, another post in Haxs on Holiday. So today post is a positive one and I’m going to tell you guys why I love summer. I hope you enjoy your read.

  1. Summer weather- When the sun comes out and everyone is so much happier and its hot and you can where summer clothes and all is happy ☺☻
  2. Holidays- Just to get a break from school and a long holiday.
  3. BBQ- Summer means refreshing, tasty food and nothing beats a BBQ in the summer weather.
  4. Time with friends and family- Making plans with friends and having a good time.
  5. Travelling if its going on a road trip or going abroad getting to experience and explore different places and learn about different cultures is so fun and something I love.


Summer love

So these are the 5 things I love about summer. what is your favourite thing about summer, let me know. If your liking my summer series leave a like. Thanks for reading.

Bye for now

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Vintage Haxs xx


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